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We offer Toilet attendant services by keeping toilets in a clean and tidy state throughout the nights in well established pubs and clubs in the United Kingdom.
Our fully trained staffs(Male & Female)  ensures that  all soap and toilet paper dispensers are in working order, Checking cubicle to ensure that toilets are in working order, also ensuring that all mirrors, shelving and floors are clean and clear of any debris.
Our Friendly staffs also provide hand washing soap,paper towels, fragrances, chewing gums/Lolly Pops to freshen up customers that needs them.
We Also, Alert security/doormen of any wrong behaviour like fighting, using of drugs in the toilet and Notifying the duty Manager of any blocked toilets, basins  or any other items in need of attention the next day.
ST Andrews Valet, Also offer cleaning services, like Domestic & Commercial cleaning, Window Cleaning,Deep cleaning Services and many more.